GTR Patrick's Vindicator

GTR Patrick’s Vindicator is one of the Miniature Horse Equine Ambassadors… Patrick was born in North Carolina on April 17, 1994. When he was three, Patrick was sold to a man living in Kentucky, the state where he still resides. In 1998, Patrick was sold to the Schaaf family in Shepherdsville, KY; the place where he will spend the rest of his life. Patrick began his show career in 2002 at the Bullitt County Fair. He won a first place ribbon in the leadline and costume, so he certainly began his career well. For eleven years, Patrick has continued to compete at county fairs and the KY state fair. However, he also does events such as the Secretariat Festival (where he is the official mascot), Breyerfest, The KY Derby parade, The Festival of the Horse Parade, and many other local events. At such events, Patrick showcases the versatility and gentleness of the Miniature Horse breed. Patrick has performed in halter, costume, agility, showmanship, liberty and leadline classes over the past 11 years. He can also do many tricks, visit nursing homes, and paint. Because of Patrick’s many talents, the Miniature Horse World Magazine (The official publication of the AMHA (American Miniature Horse Association)) named him the Equine Ambassador Extraordinaire, and continues to feature him in their magazine. Although Patrick has never competed at National or World competitions, he is still highly regarded by many breeders and owners in the miniature horse industry. Patrick is always stealing the hearts of everyone he meets, and attracting more and more people to the breed. One of Patrick’s biggest dreams and goals is to be immortalized as a Breyer Model Horse. Patrick will continue to wow the crowds and win their hearts for the rest of his long, happy life.